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Terms and conditions


The Border Center for Journalists and Bloggers’s website is committed to providing you with professional insights and we do not collect personal data on our website.
We use Google Analytics to help us improve our usefulness to you. The analytics show us general, not personal, information such as how users interact with the site (including browser names and operating systems and whether a reader accesses the site from a computer or mobile device. You can find out more information about Google’s privacy policy, including how to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking.
Google Analytics and other services may use web browser cookies to improve the user experience. You can manage your cookie settings in your web browser or disable them. If you disable cookies, some features of our websites may not function properly.

Contacting us

The Border Center for Journalists and Bloggers is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals we serve. We request and manage personal information only so individuals can apply for personalized advice on risk reduction or when they apply for participation in a workshop or fellowship. We never sell or share personal information. We ask for your personal information when you request communication and personalized advice from us or when you suggest a way to improve our platform. We use that information as outlined below.
If you subscribe to any of our mailing lists on the or Border Center for Journalists and Bloggers websites, we ask only for your email address. You can unsubscribe at any time. To do so, there are simple instructions at the bottom of each email or you may contact us via the websites.
If you apply to an BCJB training program, we ask for your email address and basic contact information such as your Twitter handle, name of your organization and general information about where you are based in. We use this to inform you about acceptances and updates on the program. If you are accepted into an BCJB program, the information from your application will be used to facilitate your participation, as described below.
If you participate in an BCJB program or work as a consultant for our programs, we will ask you to sign an agreement so that we can use your information to make travel plans, process visas, make payments, etc. This information may include your email address, general contact information, passport details and bank information. We will delete your information three years after the program has ended.

How we protect data

BCJB stores personal data on password-protected, professionally maintained servers, which can be accessed only by BCJB staff and our IT team. We conducted a security audit in 2015 to our website and corrected all vulnerabilities found by the auditor.
We use encrypted channels of communication with our users and we encourage you to use mail encryption when you contact us. You can use OpenPGP or Protonmail to communicate with the Salama Project team by sending an email to info at salama dot io or info@bcjb dot net.

Our privacy policy is subject to change to ensure that we’re doing our best to protect your data.
If you have any questions about this policy, please contact us or send an email to info at bcjb dot net.
This document was last updated on August 13, 2018.